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BAOYI international experts Secret Kistler collection and investment tips

Date:2014-03-21 12:49:11


Kistler collection a long time, you "stone " Friends often say, " Gold has a price , Kistler is priceless ," said the early 1990s onwards , Kistler collection and trade gradually picking up , has become a promising investment projects . Next BAOYI international experts Secret Kistler collection of investment tips
About Kistler collection of investment tips , BAOYI authoritative international experts concluded there are three aspects , how to identify rocks collectible value ? Kistler collection should pay attention to what the trap ; Kistler collection of investment how to care ?
BAOYI Kistler international experts teach you how exhaustive collection of investment , the preferred one by one break above three questions .
One problem: how to identify rocks collectible value ?
Experts, the evaluation value of the collection is available from Kistler shape, color, quality , texture four aspects. Shaped stone shape requires complete variety and state , fascinating and charming. Color , with bright color for the top grade . Quality to hard to be to hard for the wonderful , feel smooth and delicate for the last. Pattern, pattern clear , quality grain and smooth, soft lines . All in all, strange shaped stone , stone color CHILI , stone odd Caine , Shiwen wonderful , by definition , the more odd the more worthy of collection , the more odd the more economic value.
Second problem: Kistler collection should pay attention to what the trap ? Complete understanding of how to identify rocks collectible value ? The next collection should be noted that these rocks know what trap?
The rocks in the reflected power of nature gods , so the collection of rocks is very particular about "natural ." Collection process traps mainly for unscrupulous traders posing with artificial chemicals . Imitators seeking to imitate the characteristics of natural stones , they often bland or defective stones , using modern processing tools, using various means , its manual handling. Mainly by changing the shape and color of the stone to achieve real results , making it worth double. BAOYI international experts to remind you , in the collection of rocks , it not only depends on appearance. Depends on the color, because some people will use colored dye immersion, high enriched and pickling fade , identification method is simple, washed with boiling water , soak can find its color change.
Question three: How to maintain the rocks ?
Kistler how to care for , many Tibetan friends think should be coated with paint or grease stone surfaces. Although the short-term oil makes rocks look more texture, but the long run , oil hinders breathing stones , ranging from color changes , while in damp . In fact, there are many ways stone conservation , the best method is to " hand raised ." Cultured Stone is nourishing the heart . Often touching stones, hand grease passes through the body to the stone, the stone will be more moist . The most commonly used is the " wax support ." Stone wash before waxing and then heated . Heating can be roasted , sun , boiled and gas steam . Note that the first two methods is heated evenly , the latter two methods to pay attention to moisture to dry completely. The final step is to use solid wax block touch hot stones , so that you can penetrate the wax melts .
As the saying goes , people rely on clothes horse saddle, a good base for the stone is the finishing touch . After a good collection Kistler Do not forget to give it with a number of stations.

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